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"One of the best things about working with Len is that he has vision. We were able to show him the area we had to work with, describe its intended use, and give him a general idea of what we wanted to have done. From there, Len was able to flesh out the details, moving closets and doors to maximize space; adding details of which we would not have thought.


His knowledge of both home and commercial construction brought a dimension to the project that an ordinary contractor would not have. His careful choice of reliable sub-contractors kept our project on schedule and disruption of our household to a minimum. Our entire family, including the dog, felt comfortable with him; and all of us are pleased with the outstanding results and value it has added to our home."


—Keith & Monika M.

"Len is a great listener. He was able to hear and then create what we wanted for our home. Len always kept us up-to-date on what was happening with our project; he’s a very good communicator. And, finally, he has an excellent eye and he really thought about our project, if something is not right, he sees it and he makes it right.


I’m looking forward to our next project and working with him again!"


—Margaret B.

"Len's team did a fantastic job. They do high quality work at a reasonable price and are a pleasure to work with. They are friendly, hard working, and considerate. We like working with them so much we've hired them for three straight jobs (in two different houses)!"


—Kelly P.

"Len worked on two jobs for us in 2012. The first was renovating a great room in our new house before we moved in. This room had multiple wall coverings, no lighting, and horrible paint. His team fixed it up prior to our move in date with can lights in the ceilings, new drywall, and new paint everywhere. His team also installed some ceiling lights throughout the house. His team was really easy to work with and very professional. This was A+ work and we're very pleased. The second job was to remove a partial wall that was in between our kitchen and living room. There was also a new section of hardwood to replace some damaged flooring. This hardwood needed to closely match the existing hardwood and he and his team pulled it off nicely. We love this room now and it makes the whole house more open. We were referred to Len by friends who use his services frequently, and we're already on to project #3 - a front porch and a full kitchen remodel. We highly recommend Len!"

"LS Panas & Associates have done three projects for us. They remodeled our entryway, downstairs bathroom, and upstairs master suite.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know.  We were satisfied with the quality of work and the value of each of those projects. Len has a keen eye for detail."

"Our job was extensive, requiring an architect, plans and city permits.  Len worked closely with us and the architect to make sure we ended up with exactly what we wanted and as close to budget as possible.  Len and his crew took great care to make the job as convenient for us as possible. They set up dust control and cleaned up the job site daily.  Overall, we were very satisfied."

"l am very grateful to Len Panas, his associate Marianne Wilson, and his team of electricians, plumbers, gas installers, demolition team, carpenters, cabinet makers, and others they worked with.


Working closely with the designer, they transformed my obsolete, dysfunctional, and deteriorating kitchen into a place I love. I was really pleased with every aspect of the work: attention to detail, problem solving, advice, punctuality, cleaning, price, responsiveness and responsibility. Several things stood out for me.  


First, I was new at this process. What might have been second nature to someone with more experience in major remodels was potentially bewildering to me. They were superior at patiently helping me to understand the complexities involved. This reduced my anxiety level.


Second, they were outstanding problem solvers. When difficulties surfaced, they creatively and wisely outlined solutions.  I developed a trust in their taste, judgment, and wisdom. Third, they were excellent in communicating costs (and options) to me. I had heard remodel horror stories about surprise costs from frustrated friends; however, this never happened. I was impressed with their clarity involving all costs. No surprise costs = happy me.  Finally, and most importantly, they were remarkably diligent and observant.  No detail was overlooked.  On several occasions, they spotted work problems I had not noticed.  When this happened, instead of ignoring it, they took the initiative to point it out AND redo it  -at no additional cost to me.  This was instrumental in increasing my level of trust and confidence.  I knew I was in good hands. I should add that their friendliness, helpfulness, versatility, and enthusiasm for the project made it easier for me.  Many thanks.


They have earned my absolutely unqualified recommendation."

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