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Trending Designs 2019

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

We have spoken with the professionals and talked with the inside sources in order to bring you the top remodeling trends you may want to consider for your own home in 2019.

1. Accessibility Accommodations:

So you’ve found your forever home and now you are considering aging comfortably inside. This means that we need to plan for you to stay, making sure that accessibility is not an issue. This can sometimes be a costly endeavor, but well worth the return on your investment. You can’t put a price on comfort and that is precisely what you will be enhancing as you reconfigure your home.

To enable easier access throughout the house, halls and doorways may need to be widened. Curb-less showers allow for an easy transition into the shower. Do you have the room to add an elevator or a lift up the stairs? It may seem unnecessary now but will almost surely be beneficial in the future.

2. Luxury Basement remodel:

Your basement is just as important as the rest of your home, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be enjoyed just as much! Why not make your basement more than just a storage space or a trap for junk and clutter? Re-imagine that space into an eye-catching guest suite, complete with kitchenette. Or perhaps a new laundry room or a recreation space for the whole family to enjoy!

The first step to remodeling any basement is ensuring you have a waterproof foundation. Whether your home requires a full sump pump or just sealed concrete, each basement is different and requires its own careful evaluation.

Take full advantage of your home: Utilize your basement space to its maximize potential. Create a space for entertaining guests, hanging out with families, and just simply another area in your home to unwind. White painted ceilings, wood details, and whitewashed walls can all be seen in basements today. The basement is an area that can look and feel just a great as the rest of your home!

3. Customization

A top remodeling trend right now is to add some creativity and personalization to a room and, for the most part, ignoring most of the standard design rules. Unique, one of a kind tiles, wallpapered risers on

Back light onyx tiles give this home office a special glow.

stairs, contrasting wall and ceiling patterns or mixing metals in kitchen are all ways to add some customization to your home.

This new trend is a cause of people wanting to truly make their home their own, but adding unique and differentiating details to combat the stereotypical ‘standards’ for building and designing.

4. Luxury master suite:

Let’s be honest, most of our homes built in the past 40 years have become outdated. From the 1950’s through the ‘80s master bedrooms were not a concept that was brought into building construction. Those fortunate enough to feature master bedrooms may not have utilized the space well, squeezing a small bathroom and closet into the bedroom space. Its 2019 folks! Time to update that old floor plan into the luxury you deserve! Imagine a master suite with a gorgeous bedroom new bathroom. Double vanities, free standing bath tub, shower and steam-shower head. A separate water closet is connected with radiant floor heat throughout the room. Off the bathroom is your large master closet to allow an easy morning routine.

This master bath took the existing closet and bathroom and converted it into a large luxurious bathroom.

This luxury is worth the investment both you and your home will appreciate. Keep in mind, you may have to incorporate multiple rooms in order to make this dream a reality.

Opening up the 4th bedroom to the master made sense for a great master closet.

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